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rding of Notes on a Conditional Form took place over 19 months in 15 different studios, spanning four countries. The 1975 began writing the album during the same period as A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships and continued throughout 2019 during their Music for Cars Tour. Most of the album's electronic elements were created in a mobile studio within their retrofitted tour bus, while the guitars and vocals were recorded between tour dates. The band's guitarist Adam Hann told Gregory Adams of Guitar World that it proved challenging to record and tour simultaneously, saying it was difficult switching between the bus and studio. From around late July, the band spent four months recording in Los Angeles. After returning to the UK, they took up residence at the Angelic Residential Recording Studio in Northamptonshire for "super extended" sessions. These sessions resulted in what Healy described as "the first record ... that's just us in a room". The final recording sessions took place in the basement of their record label's office in Sydney, Australia, while the band toured Australasia. Ultimately, the 1975 submitted the album only weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic overtook the world. "Having No Head" MENU0:00 A 30-second sample of "Having No Head". Healy and Daniel were inspired by the work of virtuoso pianist Frédéric Chopin and wanted to incorporate a piano into an ambient piece, resulting in the song's creation. Problems playing this file? See media help. The 1975 designed Notes on a Conditional Form as an experimental album meant to represent dance music in the UK, taking inspiration from the British club scene, Burial, the Streets and Brian Eno. Healy guided the album's creative direction, working closely with the band's primary producer and drummer, George Daniel, on all aspects of songwriting. Healy described their work ing relationship a symbiotic creative partne