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brez comes up with the idea of a film centred in the pre-independence era, where Aatish would play a revolutionary, and Anya would play "Razia Sultana", and both of them would protest against Britishers. Midway through, the negatives run out, and one of Nana's associates (Shashi Kiran) overhears this, deciding to raise a few 5-6 lakhs of rupees for Tabrez and team. At night, since they have the keys to the local bank, Tabrez, Burger, Dollar and Soda decide to rob the bank, but even as the villagers "mistakenly" assume them to be robbers, their escape and attempts to dodge a ghost-figure leads both the gang of thieves and the villagers to a hideout deep in the forest where several children who went missing from the village are recovered from a gang of militants, after which the entirety of villagers bows in front of Tabrez, who realizes that he made a grave mistake trying to deceive the villagers. Humble d by their gesture of 5-6 lakh rupees as a means of arranging film equipment, he decides that he will leave behind part of the looted treasure for the villagers, even as he trains the villagers in acting, among whom is the local cop, Inspector Dhurinder (Arya Babbar), as the train has been delayed by a week.With everything set in motion on the day of the hijack, trouble seems to brew with the arrival of Singh, Jagtap, Chatterjee and Mukherjee, even as Tabrez finds his mother joining in after finding out through the unwitting Anya. However, while he succeeds in tying up the four officers and escaping after successfully executing the entire caper, Singh recovers and slaps Dhurinder, informing the stunned villagers that the director who they met is a wanted criminal.Along with his gang, Tabrez meets up with the Johri brothers and declares that he will leave behind a portion of the loot for the villagers, but the rather irked twins fool them and escape. Meanwhile, Dhurinder holds Tabrez at gunpoint until Singh arrives, and the entire village alter assembles with Tabrez against the officers in attendance, with the Judge (Viju Khote) deciding that only the guilt-ridden Tabrez be jailed, but while he misinter