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nkaj Shukla's daughter Malavika (Mia Uyeda), who gets into an argument with one of the flight attendants over the issue of her pet, Penny. The chief pilot tries to intervene but fails to settle the friction between the two. Tabrez uses this to his advantage by first jacking the cockpit on the pretext of using the washroom and later pushing an asleep Chatterjee's leg out of seat, which results in the attendant unwittingly losing control and spilling a drink over Penny, causing Malavika to burst into anger, while the pilots come out to resolve the dispute, and discover, to the horror of both themselves and unwittingly the passengers as well, that the flight has been left in autopilot mode, and since the door is jammed, the flight could possibly crash land. The ensuing commotion results in a middle-aged woman aboard the flight seeking out Chatterjee and Mukherjee for help, but in the officers' audacity to refuse, Chatterjee ends up unwittingly exclaiming loudly that Tabrez can open the lock. However, when Tabrez initially rebuffs the requests of the passengers, they, in all ire, free Tabrez from the two officers, and he, in turn, manages to open the cockpit for the pilots, thereby becoming a hero in the eyes of the passengers and is able to trick the police by poising, all dressed up, as a rich man. Shortly after he relays this entire episode to his sidekicks Burger (Ali Asgar), Dollar (Dharampal) and Soda (Vijay Maurya), who have come to pick him up at the airport, Tabrez drives away and expresses his desire to go home and meet his mother and his wife, Anya Khan, but Burger reveals that Anya isn't at home and has been shooting for a film titled "Sheila Ki Jawani". Tabrez, visibly irked, decides to hijack the film's shooting, and in the process, smashes the director on his head and drags her home. Anya protests, nearly exposing Tabrez in front of his mother, who is under the impres