ehi's train is robbed by bandits but the passengers are saved by Bhulwa, a local dacoit. Vaidehi faints at the sight of blood, and Bhulwa takes her to the local midwife, Ramdulari. Ramdulari bravely opposes the village leaders Virendra and Gajendra who exploit innocent women, young and old. When Ramdulaari's educated son Prakash, who is trying to educate the villagers about what Virendra and Gajendra are doing, falls in love with Gajendra's daughter Sushma, tensions escalate. Gajendra locks Ramdulaari in her house and sets out to find Prakash. He also locks away Vaidehi in his home to be rewarded by Raghu by returning her to him. When Prakash runs away with Sushma, Virendra, and Gajendra, along with their goons, rape Ramdulaari and burn her alive. In a fit of rage, Bhulwa and his army kill Virendra and his goons. Vaidehi escapes with Sushma and Prakash. Gajendra is attempting to enter politics, so when he is applauded by the loca l authorities, Vaidehi intervenes and exposes Gajendra as a rapist and fraud. She delivers a heart-wrenching speech how women are only treated as burdens to be married off by their families or ways to get dowry and male heirs by their in-laws. This drives all the women in the audience to assault Gajendra, who is later killed by Bhulwa. The speech changes Raghu's attitude towards Vaidehi and he becomes a better person. The two return to New York City as a proper married couple. Vaidehi gives birth to a daughter, who is named Ramdulari. She reunites Raju, who is now a taxi driver and married to Maithili. Vaidehi invites him to a charity dance show with Janki in the main role, wherein all the money from her shows goes to fund women's organiz