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agers that the director who they met is a wanted criminal.Along with his gang, Tabrez meets up with the Johri brothers and declares that he will leave behind a portion of the loot for the villagers, but the rather irked twins fool them and escape. Meanwhile, Dhurinder holds Tabrez at gunpoint until Singh arrives, and the entire village alter assembles with Tabrez against the officers in attendance, with the Judge (Viju Khote) deciding that only the guilt-ridden Tabrez be jailed, but while he misinterprets his sentence as that of 7 years, he is shocked to find that it is instead 60 years.Outside the courtroom, Tabrez instructs Burger, Dollar and Soda to complete the film, titled Bharat Ka Khazana, and release it. At the premiere, he arrives handcuffed, but is found missing and thus escaped after Chatterjee and Mukherjee find Bunty in shackles instead. Singh realizes he has failed and is shocked.Meanwhile, the Johri brothers are stunned to find Tabrez aboard their plane, with Burger, Dollar and Soda revealed to have hijacked it. Finding the twins adamant against his will, Tabrez throws them out with a parachute at their back. A song sequence in the end features Aatish finally receiving an Oscar award from the sensational actor Anil Kapoor, Anya endorsing a hair removal cream brand, Chatterjee and Mukherjee marrying each other, and the supporting cast and crew of the film receiving Oscars awards and danc