Check this out.

It’s a bowl of pink sea salt.

Yet one of America’s top hormone experts recently discovered something incredible about this salt:

It’s one of the richest sources of iodine on the planet…

And iodine is the fuel that powers both your thyroid and your metabolism.

As a result…

Just one scoop per day of this rare form of pink sea salt can have your metabolism burning fat for over 24 hours STRAIGHT…

Plus the iodine in this salt gives it thyroid and hormone-repairing properties NOT seen in normal, chemically treated salt.

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Mary Andrews Executive Director, Center For Natural Healing Research

P.S…Inside the link, you’ll discover the latest cutting-edge way to speed up your metabolism.

It’s now been confirmed in studies published in both the Journal of Endocrine Practice and the Journal Clinical Endocrinology…

The world’s TOP TWO scientific journals for Metabolic and Thyroid health.

All you need for this incredible new metabolism boosting process is a special type of pink sea salt, some store brought seaweed, and a rolling pin…

And you can TRANSFORM this pink sea salt into a metabolism boosting, thyroid-fixing miracle.

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