My “2000 Pound Seed Vault” Is the Secret to Always Having Fresh Greens on Your Table.

Now, this “Seed Vault” is the solution to a world far too reliant on store-bought produce.

I mean, think about it…

Do you really want to feed your family from “chemically engineered” seeds?

Or have you ever thought about what it means for your food to travel 2,000 miles from its source to your plate?

Or what if your grocery store really runs out of key fruits and vegetables for even just a short period of time?

I know that I, for one, hope we don’t ever have to find out what happens during a true food shortage.

meer Behl (Shahid Kapoor) comes to Mumbai with Bollywood dreams, struggles through the day as a courier, and keeps failing in auditions for advertisements. He refuses to accept help from his father in Delhi and is thrown out of his rented flat by the landlord. One day, a movie director named Rajeev Sharma (Mohnish Behl) and his assistant director (Prince Rodde) see Sameer dancing and call him to the office. Soon, Sameer is signed as the male lead in Sharma's film, and his friend Tina (Genelia D'Souza) is selected as the choreographer on the same project. Homeless, Sameer sleeps in his car and works as a dance teacher in a school. Subsequently, Sameer loses the film and grows disillusioned. Tina tells him that she also quit her job as choreographer for the film because she saw how upset he was. Sameer realises Tina loves him. Tina encourages him to participate in a television talent-hunt show, the winner of which will win the same rol e that Sameer was to play. Sameer enters the contest and tells Tina that he loves her. Before the final round of the competition, he discovers that his father's shop in Delhi has been demolished. Sameer promises Tina that he will come back for her and returns to Delhi to help his father. After watching Sameer's performance on TV, his father convinces him to go back to Mumbai and participate in the show. Sameer is late to the final round and is initially denied entry. However, he convinces the director to give him a chance. He wins the competition and becomes the hero of the movie "Chance Pe Dance." He is shown walking the red carpet a year later with Tin