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vind is a father who strives to provide his children more than what they ask for, often overriding their choices. Aravind's youngest son, Siddhu, however, does not want to be controlled as such. He makes himself a point that two crucial aspects of his life—career and life partner—shall be chosen by him alone. One fine morning, Aravind asks Siddhu if he would join their construction company. Siddhu who desires to start his own company, politely asks for a more time lying that he is yet to finish a course. The following week, Aravind gets Siddhu engaged to Subbalakshmi without his consent. Subbalakshmi, like Siddhu, is also a child whos life is micromanaged by her father. Much to the dismay of Siddhu, she doesn't seem to mind it. When contemplating his options at a temple, Siddhu accidentally meets Haasini and is attracted to her energetic nature and cheerfulness. The couple begins to meet regularly. As the days go by, Sidd hu grows to admire the ever-friendly Hasini as someone who does what she loves and he discovers many small things which make him happy to be in her company. Soon he realizes that he has fallen in love with her. Alongside this, Siddhu applies for a bank loan to start his own construction company. When his love for Haasini deepens, he proposes to her while also confessing that he is engaged to Subbalakshmi against his wishes. On learning this, Haasini, though dejected for a while, comes back to him a few days later. She advises Siddhu to break off his engagement, indirectly accepting his proposal. At this juncture, the ecstatic Siddhu is seen by a furious Aravind. On being admonished by Aravind back home, Siddhu expresses his disinterest in marrying Subbulakshmi. When asked for a reason to like Haasini, Siddhu replies that if they let Haasini stay with their family for a week, all their questions shall be answered. He also convinces Haasini to stay at his house after lying to her fath er, Kanaka Rao that she is going on a college tour. When Haasini is introduced to Siddhu's family, she gets a lukewarm welcome. As she settles down, they begin to like her. Haasini finds it difficult to adapt to the living habits of the authoritarian Aravind's household but stays for Siddhu's sake. Meanwhile, Aravind reprimands Siddhu when he finds out about his bank loan and career plan, only to further enrage Siddhu. During this phase, Siddhu and Haasini begin to grow apart owing to the tensions in the house. One day, the family attends a wedding where Haasini cheers up the ceremony with her joyous nature. Coincidentally, Kanaka Rao who happens to be around recognizes Siddhu as the drunken young man whom he encountered on an earlier occasion. Haasini realizes her father's presence and quickly exits to avoid his attention. After saving their face, Siddhu admonishes Haasini for her antics at the wedding. The sullen Haasini moves out of the house saying that she does not find Siddhu the same and that she cannot put on an act if she continues her stay in the house. After getting back to her home, she rebuilds the trust her father has in her while Siddhu is left forlorn. Siddhu's mother, Lakshmi confronts Aravind on Siddhu's choices and wants. In the process, Siddhu opens up his heart, leaving Aravind to repent on his overprotectiveness. Siddhu requests Subbulakshmi and her parents to call off the marriage. While they relent, Aravind tries to convince Kanaka Rao about Siddhu and Haasini's love. When Kanaka Rao disapproves, Aravind suggests to let Siddhu stay with them for a week. After a week's stay, Kanaka Rao is convinced, letting the couple uni