Have you ever struggled with weight loss, digestive problems, always getting sick, sleepless nights, and just not pooping?

A simple “trick” right after every meal can fix all of this...

My trusted friend and Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Joshua Levitt, recommends taking a probiotic 30-minutes after EVERY meal.

It makes sense that a healthy, balanced microbiome is necessary for good digestive function...and that’s been proven to be true.

People with a healthy GI microbiome have more regular bowel movements, less gas, less bloating, and fewer reactions to foods.

And that’s where Dr. Levitt wants to help.

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Probiotic+ is full of 6 active living strains of probiotics that act just like a bowel-flush for your insides.
There is NO other probiotic on the market that contains this specific "family" of microorganisms. Each member of the family has its own job...but the strength of the formula is in the synergy of the family itself.
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