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ear the ancient Indian kingdom of Mahishmati, an injured woman is seen exiting a cave down by a mountain waterfall carrying an infant. She kills two soldiers pursuing and attempts to cross a raging river, but slips and is washed away in the current. Before drowning, she holds the baby aloft with her hand and prays to Lord Shiva, demanding that the baby - Mahendra Baahubali, must live. The baby is saved by the people of the local Amburi tribe, who reside near the river and worship Lord Shiva. Despite the villagers' pleas to take the baby back up the mountain to where he came from, the wife of the tribe's chieftain, Sanga, decides to adopt him, in order to protect him from harm's way. She names the baby as Shivudu (Shivu). Shivu grows up to be an ambitious and mischievous child, obsessed with the goal of ascending the mountain, curious to explore what is the top. Despite Sanga's continuous pleas, he constantly tries and fails re peatedly, albeit improving at each attempt. At the young age of 25, he is shown to possess superhuman strength when he lifts a Lingam of Shiva and placing it at the foot of the mountain. He later finds a mask that has apparently fallen from the top of the mountain. Realizing it may possess feminine features, he is motivated to scale the mountain and succeeds, albeit with difficulty. At the top, he witnesses a woman named Avantika slaying Mahishmati soldiers. He discovers that she is a warrior from a local resistance tribe, dedicated with the aim of overthrowing the tyrannical king of Mahishmati, Lord Bhallaladeva (Bhalvalathevan) and rescuing an important captive - Princess Devasena, who happens to be the sister of the resistance's chief, Jaya Varma. Shivu is instantly smitten with Avantika and secretly follows her, even managing to draw a tattoo on her hand (while she is sleeping). Avantika is later tasked with rescuing Devasena. She discovers about Shivu and attacks him, but S hivu overpowers her and returns her mask to her. Realizing that he had scaled the mountain just for her, she reciprocates his feeling