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appi is a criminal who's about to marry a girl against a will, until Gautam arrives on a bike and takes her away. They're chased, but Gautam manages to marry the girl to the man she likes. Enraged, Pappi threatens to torture Gautam's family as a form of revenge, but the latter mocks and warns him in turn. Nandini is a photographer who falls for Gautam upon seeing him prevent the tricolor from falling down. However, she hasn't seen him and it's only the tattoo on his hands through which she recognizes him. With passing time, they meet and fall for each other, before Pappi meets Nandini's father Bharat Chandra and convinces him for his marriage to her in exchange for a promotion. Paapi invites his father Dada, a Kolkata-based criminal, to attend his engagement, while Nandini tells about this to Gautam, who meets Bharat and makes a deal with him: Gautam asks him for his gun and the list of Dada and his gang members so th at he can kill them and Bharat can take responsibility for the "encounter killings". Bharat agrees and Gautam kills his first target Babbar, Dada's right hand. Afraid that Dada might kill Bharat if he takes the responsibility for Babbar's encounter, he decides to announce it publicly after Gautam kills Dada in the future. Following Babbar's death, Pappi's engagement is stopped and he receives a DVD in which terrorists take responsibility for Babbar's murder. He nevertheless decides to marry Nandini within the next 30 days. Gautam and his partner Brahmi are taken hostage by Pappi who makes them stay in their house. Gautam and Nandini conspire to convince Pappi to postpone the marriage, but instead he prepones it and informs Dada about his marriage. Dada scolds him, and tells him that his brother Chotu has arrived in the city and taken Babbar's corpse for forensic tests. Learning this, Gautam and Brahmi wear masks and beat up Chotu, who arrives at Pap pi's house and stops the marriage. He then recalls one of the attackers had a tattoo on their right hand but is unable to understand the language it was written in (Telugu). Later, Dr. Kanakarathnam arrives with an image from Babbar's corpse's retina. However, it turns out to be an image of one of the superstars in whose disguise Gautam and Brahmi had beaten up Chotu. It is then revealed that due to being tortured, the doctor had joined hands with Gautam and also erased the tattoo from his han