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I just broke up with my BF and i'm looking for some fun ;)

ector, Karan Chopra (Anil Kapoor), decides to make a horror film. On the way to the sets, he gives a lift to a fine young woman, Riya (Mallika Sherawat), who pretends to be a ghost. Karan thinks she is just playing a prank and Riya later also claims that she was just joking. When stormy weather hits, Karan takes Riya to his mansion. The electricity and lights go out and Riya's face starts to gore with blood. Karan still thinks she's playing a prank, but when her voice turns ghostly, he falls to the floor and dies in shock. Riya takes off her mask, which was stained with fake blood, and a microphone that changed her voice to make it sound ghostly. It is revealed that she really was only playing a joke on him. She says that she was trying to audition for his new horror film, but it's too late now anyway since Karan has already died on his own bedroom floor. After this story, another child leaves the room to get water and also becom es a ghost. Story 5 – A Bride's Revenge Directed by J.D. Chakravarthy The fifth story centres on Ajay (Randeep Hooda), a young man driving on the road. He finds a young woman standing on the highway. When he approaches her, he becomes frozen after seeing her face. Shortly after, he wakes up in a jail accused of murdering a man. A police officer, (Zakir Hussain), brings the mother of the murdered victim to the police station for justice. But the mother is shocked to find that Ajay is possessed by the spirit of a woman, who turns out to be her daughter-in-law, Sandhya. It's revealed that the mother-in-law, her husband, and son had burned the newly-wedded bride to death and her spirit has come back for revenge. Sandhya's spirit reveals that it possessed Ajay and killed the son. The spirit enters the police officer's body and shoots her mother-in-law. When the spirit leaves the officer's body, he realises what has happened and secretly buries the body. Ajay is released and is driving back when he sees Sandhya's spirit in the backseat. She says that her father-in-law is in Pune on a business trip and she must complete her revenge. She assures him that she will not possess him;all he has to do is drop her in Pun