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he fifth story centres on Ajay (Randeep Hooda), a young man driving on the road. He finds a young woman standing on the highway. When he approaches her, he becomes frozen after seeing her face. Shortly after, he wakes up in a jail accused of murdering a man. A police officer, (Zakir Hussain), brings the mother of the murdered victim to the police station for justice. But the mother is shocked to find that Ajay is possessed by the spirit of a woman, who turns out to be her daughter-in-law, Sandhya. It's revealed that the mother-in-law, her husband, and son had burned the newly-wedded bride to death and her spirit has come back for revenge. Sandhya's spirit reveals that it possessed Ajay and killed the son. The spirit enters the police officer's body and shoots her mother-in-law. When the spirit leaves the officer's body, he realises what has happened and secretly buries the body. Ajay is released and is driving back when he se es Sandhya's spirit in the backseat. She says that her father-in-law is in Pune on a business trip and she must complete her revenge. She assures him that she will not possess him;all he has to do is drop her in Pune. Story 6 – The Ending After all of the stories are over, one boy, Ashu, claims that he is still not scared. The old lady smirks as the lights of the house suddenly turn off. The stunned boy looks around him. The lights turn back on immediately and he sees that he is the only one in the room: as if no one was ever there. The lights go off and turn back on again, this time to reveal his friends, all of whom are now ghosts, giving him eerie smiles. The old woman appears back on her chair, giving him a witch's smile. Realizing what is going on, the boy tries to make a frantic escape out of the house but the doors are all jammed and locked. Just as the boy looks back at the upstairs room to see if he was followed out, he sees the old lady right beside him, smir king. The old lady's hair is snow-white and scattered; her killer smile gives the boy a heart attack and he dies at the scene. The next morning, the house is swarming with police and the media. The police clear away the bodies of the dead children. The old servant of the house tells the police officers that a long time ago, the house belonged to an old lady who loved children but unfortunately, she had no children of her own. He explains that once, he had left her for hours to get her some medication (just as the old lady had told the children), and when he returned, he found her dead. The film ends with a reporter reading the tragic story of a camping trip-turned-nightmare for the five children. He says that the exact cause of death of the children is still unknown and will most likely never be known, however, one thing is for certain- all the children died of cardiac failure or in simple words — fea