Here’s a little gift to help you celebrate Labor Day this year…

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This amazing tool stops the #1 killer in any crisis: death by exposure.

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Sadly, as we celebrate Labor Day this year…

America has become unrecognizable from the great nation we grew up in.

With liberals fighting to defund our police and turn our country into a socialist cesspool…

And as violent “activists” breed destruction and death in our streets…

The writing is on the wall.

Our country is becoming more and more dangerous by the day -- especially for conservatives.

That’s why they’re handing out a small number of these priceless survival tools FREE…

To give Americans a guaranteed way to protect themselves in any crisis.

Normally, $30

Today it’s yours for nothing but the cost of stamps.

Keep in mind, this is a limited Labor Day giveaway.

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azz, Rex and Pip are in a Los Angeles hard rock band called "The Lone Rangers" who are continuously turned down as they try to get their demo tape heard by producers. After scolding him for being lazy, Chazz's girlfriend Kayla kicks him out of her apartment. They decide to try to get the local rock station KPPX to play their reel-to-reel tape on the air and attempt to break-in through the back door. After several unsuccessful attempts, a station employee comes out to smoke and they keep the door from shutting behind her. Once inside, laid back DJ Ian "The Shark" begins talking with them on the air. Station Manager Milo overhears them and intervenes but Ian continues broadcasting. After Milo insults Rex, by calling him "Hollywood Boulevard trash," he and Chazz pull out realistic-looking water pistols and demand airplay. After setting up an old reel-to-reel for the demo, the tape begins to play but is quickly des troyed when the player malfunctions. The guys try to run but Doug Beech, the station's accountant, had already called the police and they see the building is surrounded. They negotiate with the police who are now tasked to find Kayla who has a cassette of the demo. Since the station never went off the air, news of the hostage crisis travels quickly and numerous hard rock/metal fans begin showing up outside the radio station interfering with police. A SWAT team has also arrived whose leader prefers using force over negotiation tactics. His team secretly passes a gun through a roof vent to Beech who has been hiding in the air ducts. During the crisis, it is revealed that Milo had secretly signed a deal to change KPPX's format to Adult Contemporary, which includes having to fire Ian and most of the other employees. When this comes out, Ian and a few employees side with the band and turn against Milo. The police find Kayla who arrives at the radio station to deliver the tape. Ho wever, the tape is damaged because she threw it out of the car earlier. Chazz and Kayla get into an argument that quickly escalates and results in the studio console being destroyed, dashing any hopes to play the tape on the air. As some of the items the band demanded from police are brought into the station, the door shuts on Rex's plastic gun revealing it to be fake. Seeing this, some of the hostages run out; one telling the SWAT team the band's guns are not real. As the team assembles to storm the station, Beech corners the band from a low hanging air vent. Ian, knowing he no longer will have a job at the station, knocks down Beech's gun. This causes the weapon to wildly fire several rounds and the police are forced to back off. Ian picks up the gun but gives it to a somewhat confused Chazz in a final act of anti-establishment rebellion. Jimmie Wing, a self-serving record executive who had previously turned Chazz down, comes to the radio station and offers the band a contract. They reluctantly agree to the deal knowing they have no more options. Wing arranges an entire stage and sound system to be airlifted to the roof where the band will play their song for the now huge crowd outside. To the band's dismay, they find only the PA is real and everything else is just props. Refusing to lip sync as their tape is played, they instead destroy their instruments in protest to the delight of the crowd and stage dive into the hands of the cheering audience. The Lone Rangers are next seen playing a gig inside the prison where they are incarcerated. The concert is being shown live on MTV. Ian, now their manager, says on the phone the band will start touring in six months, or "three months if they behave themselves." A final text crawl states that The Lone Rangers served three months for kidnapping, theft, and assault with hot pepper sauce, with their album LIVE IN PRISON going triple platinu