Urgent Skincare Warning:- Do THIS Immediately After Using Soap or Shampoo

Dear Friend,

It’s a shocking but little-known fact, so I’ll say it as plainly as possible:


And so is shampoo!

Here’s why…

The personal care industry has convinced us that the natural oil on our skin and hair is BAD.


And so they hype us to buy harsh soaps and shampoos that are essentially detergents, stripping those protective, lubricating oils off your body.

(Detergents work great to clean oil off a pot or pan, but that doesn’t make them good for your skin and hair!)

Then they turn around and sell us moisturizers and conditioners to put back the natural shine they’ve stolen from us!

What a racket!

And the rip-off gets even WORSE!

When you strip natural oils from your skin and hair, your body tries to replace them, and exudes even more oil. So you end up using even more soap and shampoo!

You’re locked in a daily prison built by personal care products—AND IT SEEMS LIKE THERE’S NO WAY OUT!

And here’s one more literally sickening fact about “personal care detergents” (might as well call them by their real name):

They aren’t just a scam, although that’s bad enough. They’re also making your skin sick!

Because soap robs your skin of its natural, protective oils, regular use can lead to DRY, CRACKED, RED, ITCHY SKIN, a very common problem.

My friend, Dr. Joshua Levitt, knows all about this because he sees so many people with just that type of skin problem in his office. His advice: DITCH THE SOAP.

He discourages the use of harsh, antibacterial soaps and tells his patients that they should only use gentle soaps with natural ingredients, and to only use it on hands, feet and the various cracks, creases and crevices of the body.

The rest of the body is self-cleaning—and plain old water does the trick!

And then he gives them another, crucial skin-saving recommendation, which he’ll also give you: After every shower or bath, add a 30-second “fix” to your skin routine…

…and apply A SKIN REJUVENATING “MIRACLE BALM” that provides maximum hydration for dry, itchy, cracked, irritated skin…

…a balm that will quickly restore damaged skin to its smooth, soft, radiant NATURAL condition!

Dr. Joshua Levitt formulated this balm himself, and it contains a key ingredient that has been used for skin healing since ancient times…and is now verified as effective by modern science. (Plenty of his patients can also testify to its healing power.)

It’s his #1 recommendation for healthy skin--and it works. So...

If you’re tired of being a prisoner of personal care products…

If your skin is dry red, itchy, and cracked, then…

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