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haran tries to alert Kartar to his sudden change of heart, but, in a comic twist, falls out of the window trying to capture the phone signal. Due to this incident, Manpreet turns suspicious and assumes Charan to be a drug addict. This upsets Baldev and he gets mad at the Sandhu family. Jeeto and Paramjeet, instead of defending Baldev, persuade him to apologize to Akalpreet for his misbehavior but Baldev refuses to do so. They return home and blame Baldev for their disrespect in front of the wealthy Sandhu family and humiliate him. This angers Baldev and he decides to return to Punjab. He challenges Jeeto that he will marry Charan exactly on 25 December with a girl much better than Binkle. They have a huge argument and sever ties with each other. Meanwhile, Charan asks Karan to bring Nafisa to the airport so that he could talk about his feelings for her with Baldev. When they land in Punjab, Karan does what Charan asked and confronts them with Nafisa, but Charan is terrified and doesn't dare to speak up. Baldev misunderstands that Nafisa is Karan's girlfriend. This creates a complicated situation for Karan. Baldev overhears Sweety's father pleading for her daughter's marriage soon in a Gurudwara. So, Baldev takes Charan's purposal for Sweety who misunderstands her bond getting tied with Karan but later realizes it's tied with Charan. She gets upset at Karan. While back at London, Jeeto takes a proposal for Karan to Binkle without Karan knowing. They fix their marriage on 25 December too. Kartar is split on whether to go to Jeeto or Baldev's marriage events since they are at the same date. To solve his problem, he suggests that Baldev have a destination marriage in London. Baldev agrees and everyone flies to London. Everyone goes to a mall for shopping. Charan takes advantage of this and reveals Karan and Sweety's relationship. On hearing this Binkle is heartbroken. Charan feels sorry for h er and falls for her more because of her innocence towards him. Charan refuses to fight for his rights. Karan then invites Nafisa to London for Charan's engagement to Sweety increasing Charan's problems. Karan, Charan, Sweety and Nafisa decide to elope. But their plan fails when in the next morning Manpreet falls for Nafisa and Akalpreet insists her to live at his residence. Nafisa falls for Manpreet and starts ignoring Charan, who wants to reveal his feelings for Binkle but at the moment, Nafisa appears and confess her love for Manpreet and leaves. Charan and Karan's marriages are planned at the same Gurudwara on the same date