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andhi writes beautiful poems during his past time, of which the college's Psychology professor discovers and appreciates. Since the college's culturals was approaching, Shanmathi was appointed to sing a song, of which Gandhi is the lyricist, as appointed by the professor. Despite Gandhi's denial, the professor insists, to which Gandhi reluctantly agreed. When Gandhi asks Shanmathi about the mood of the song to which he can write appropriate lyrics, she neglects him completely, showcasing utter dislike for him. Gandhi overhears her conversation with her friend, in which she reveals how her song should bring forth her mystery lover. Gandhi writes the lyrics accordingly, which Shanmathi never takes notice of. When the professor discovers that Shanmathi was disturbed by her mystery lover, he instructs Boopathy to find out who that mystery lover is. Aal Thotta Bhoopathy appoints an actor, Bala, to act like Shanmathi's mystery love r so that her real lover will stop Bala and reveal his identity. Shanmathi immediately believes that actor despite vast difference in the voice. To his dismay, Gandhi discovers that Shanmathi is in love with a man who was acting like him. Even when Boopathy scribbles love notes on the walls of the college, Shanmathi's real lover never appeared. Like many of the previous incidents, Gandhi never reveals the truth. Unfortunately, Bala takes advantage of the situation and tries to marry Shanmathi without anyone's knowledge. Gandhi finally opens up to his professor and receives an eye-opening lecture from him. He is then persuaded into revealing his identity and expressing his love for Shanmathi. Meanwhile, Boopathy reveals his ill-fated plot to Shanmathi, who cannot bear it any longer and resorts to suicide once more. Gandhi then uses a speaker to say the very same words of advice against suicide as he first did to her, which reaches Shanmathi's ears. She tries to run into t he room where her mystery lover is, only to be stopped by Bala. In a short duel, Boopathy manages to stab Bala's leg and free Shanmathi, who jostles in the crowd and reaches the room her lover was in. Upon discovering that her lover was Gandhi, she regrets dismissing him rudely several times. The movie ends as she runs and hugs Gandhi, delighted that she has found the man she had been dreaming abo