7 Second “Tea Trick”
Activates Deep Restorative Sleep

What if there was a simple trick to fall asleep when you want…

And still have the best night's rest you've ever had before?

Well, this is exactly what veterans have done since WW1…

To calm their mind so they can drift into deep restorative peace.

And now you can too!

It's called the "tranquilizer tea trick"...

It's like having your brain put a stop sign in front of stress.

If you can drink tea, you can do this trick.

It's so simple, you might already find it hiding in your kitchen.

Finally! No need for prescription pills making you groggy anymore…

Or having to depend on another dangerous drug.

In fact, you'll likely never want to take another one again...

Once you wake up fully rested having done this to your tea.

Research behind this trick is backed by schools like Harvard —

And now thousands of seniors use it every single night…

To knock them out gently and sleep like a rock.

People like Sue B., who's sleepless nights affected almost every area of her life...

Until doing this trick with her tea gave her the most deep and relaxing sleep she’s had in 20 years.

The best part?

It's so easy that it takes about 7-seconds.

Here's how to do it:

==> 7 second “tea trick” activates deep restorative sleep

==> Start sleeping deeper with this 7 second “tea-trick”.

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