Diabacore Young adults of the millennial generation have contributed to the development of social media and amazing innovative tools at the ready of their fingertips and finger swipes.

#1 Most Hated By Big Pharma. Rogue Doctor Fixes Type 2 Diabetes.

Despite the advances being made and more to come, the emotional health of many young adults finding their place in the world remains something that an app on an iPhone cannot quickly fix.

It is important for the current generation to be supported by their elders in learning that issues such as depression and anxiety are something that cannot be ignored or set aside.

But instead are something that needs to be tended to and addressed with the support of family, friends, and by talking with a therapist to learn what is the root cause of the issues.

Bejoy Charan Mathur also known as Bobo is India's top magician. But unknown to everyone, his life is falling apart. Hallucinations about his dead little sister Misha threaten his sanity. He is drawn to his old vacant family apartment, where he one day opens the lid of a treasure chest, only to see a vision of Misha dead inside. He finally seeks psychiatric help in the form of the odd Dr. Palit, who puts him under regression hypnosis to go back to the past, when Bobo was 11 and Misha 6. A terrifying childhood story surfaces: Bobo and Misha live with their single father in the apartment. Bobo reads a book of witchcraft from which he discovers the number 666 and uses it to travel on the elevator to an unlisted floor at the bottom of the building, which he tells Misha is the entry to hell. According to Bobo, each building has its own hell, where the "bad people" of the building are consigned for eternity once they are dead. A woma n named Diana moves in and Bobo is convinced that she is a witch and surfaced following his and Misha's trip on the elevator. Diana charms Bobo's father and marries him. Bobo learns that the source of a daayan's power is her plait. On Diana's birthday, during the night of the red moon, she sacrifices Misha in order to restore her dark powers. Bobo and his father discover Misha dead in the trunk and a now-undisguised Diana hovering over her body. Diana kills Bobo's father with her ear-piercing screams. As she performs the rest of her ritual, the distraught Bobo finds his father's dagger and cuts off Diana's plait, destroying her source of power. Diana begins to crumble into dust but says she shall return for Bobo. Dr. Palit dismisses Bobo's visions as fantasy. Bobo and Tamara marry and adopt ten-year-old Zubin. Everything goes well till the irresistible Lisa Dutt enters their lives during a magic show. Everyone loves her but Bobo suspects that the daay an is back. Lisa also buys his old apartment, adding to his suspicion. During Lisa's housewarming party, Tamara falls off the balcony and is hospitalized. Lisa visits but Bobo walks in and angrily tells her to get out when he finds her tinkering with the IV bag. Afraid for his family, he calls Dr. Palit for help. Dr. Palit finds out something disturbing and calls Bobo but the daayan appears as Diana and kills him. Bobo finds Dr. Palit dead and sees a paper in his hand, on which Zubin's name is written. He looks for Zubin everywhere but finds him missing. He then rushes back to the old apartment and takes the elevator to hell. There, he finds Zubin lying on an altar and the daayan ready to sacrifice his son's life to sustain her powers. Bobo tries to save Zubin but encounters Tamara. In a twist, it is revealed that Tamara is the daayan, not Lisa. Diana appears and tells him that he himself is a Pishacha as not just anyone merely push buttons in an elevator and find hell. Tamara tells him that it took her 20 years to be reborn and she will not let him kill her again, and knocks him unconscious. Bobo wakes up and remembers the book, where he read that a Pishacha can regain his strength as it is the night of the red moon. With his acquired powers, he kills Tamara and returns his powers to Satan. The daayan, now appearing as Diana, reveals that only the innocent can kill a daayan and since Bobo killed her once before, he is no longer innocent. The two fight again until Bobo kicks the sacrificial dagger to Zubin. Zubin is able to cut off Diana's plait but the crumbling daayan once again promises that she will return. In the end, Bobo meets Lisa and she asks him why he was so aggressive toward her in the beginning. Bobo tells her he thought she was a witch.