After suffering a terrible wound, one American priest broke the silence…

On his deathbed, his final words contained a terrible warning of things to come in the following weeks!

The Vatican has known about this for decades now,

AND it has done everything in its power to keep this secret hidden from leaking to the public!

That is why I urge you to watch this video before it’s lost forever and see the truth for yourself.

nju' (Emraan Hashmi) is an expert- master safe cracker who maintains a casual lifestyle with his wife Neetu (Vidya Balan). He meets two criminals, Pandit and Idris and they offer him a chance to assist a bank robbery. If the heist is successful, they will ensure that he never has to worry about money again, so he accepts the offer. The three thieves make off with 30 crore inr. After the bank robbery, Pandit decides that Sanju should keep the suitcase of money hidden (as Pandit and Idris already have record with the police, coupled with the fact that Sanju is married, and will be the least suspected by the police ) and that they will meet after three months and then they will split the money. After three months, Pandit and Idris discover that Sanjay lost his memory in an accident with head injury and hence, Sanju is suffering with retrograde amnesia. Pandit and Idris decide that they can not trust Sanju anymore, they need to keep a close eye on him in case he runs away. They stay at Sanjay and Neetu's house until Sanjay remembers where he hid the money and to make sure they're not cheated. They give him a week to do so. Sanjay tries to remember where he hid the money but he can not. When Sanjay learns that his college friend Uttam Nagpal (Parvin Dabas) has become an overnight millionaire, apparently by winning a lottery, he suspects Uttam. Then, he suspects his wife Neetu of knowing the hiding place of the money because she has joint account with him and also sole-access to their bank-locker. He accuses her of conspiring with his friend. Later, Sanju finds out that Uttam moves to London after being confronted about the money and also Sanjay finds out that Neetu has purchased a one-way ticket for London so he goes to buy a gun to kill his wife Neetu in anger. While he is doing this, an unknown person contacts Sanjay and urges him to divulge the location of the money. Under pressure and now frustrated, Pandit and Idris kidnap Neetu and ask Sanjay to meet them in a train station by writing a note and attaching it on the screen of his TV, on the third platform at 1:30am. When both Pandit and Idris confront Sanjay and demand the money, Sanjay claims that he doesn't even recognize the two. When Sanjay tells them that Neetu knew where the money was, Idris begins to lose control. When he pulls the trigger on his pistol, he is shot dead by the unknown person and thereafter, he kills Pandit in a rage in the train. The unknown person tells Sanjay that the bank robbery plan idea was his which he shared with Idris and Pandit but never got his share ...and after persistently questioning and trying to blackmail Sanjay, the unknown person shoots frantically in frustration and Neetu is injured—hoping that the traumatic vision of his wife's suffering will make Sanjay reveal the truth. However, this fails since Sanjay has in fact lost all his memory by now stressed by trauma. The original m astermind of the bank heist searches Sanjay's pockets, only to find a banana. In retaliation, he shoots Sanjay in the shoulder and then Sanjay's phone rings. It is revealed that the caller is Sanju's mother who calls his son like every other day out of her motherly affection and concern however during the conversation she sub-consciously reveals that the suitcase has been kept at her home while remaining implicitly oblivious as to what is in the suitcase and further questions Sanju whether he will be coming to take the suitcase or not. She further expresses her desire to sell the brief case off if in case Sanju does not turn up to take away his belonging. Meanwhile, the heist's mastermind overhears this and jumps on the train out of excitement but he slips on Sanjay's banana skin and impales his neck on Sanjay's fork. Disillusioned, confused and tired, Sanjay throws his phone out of the train while Neetu smiles. Sanjay has no idea what's going on, but the train goes on its way with the dead bodies of the mastermind, Pandit and Id