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Shipped! Your Apple Reward

njeev now starts looking for the missing Dilshad and Javed, and finds one of them to be hiding in Nizampur. He is informed by his senior that he would be awarded for the encounter and that he must celebrate. Realizing he's not been told where to celebrate, he heads to Nizampur, where he manages to find Dilshad, one of the fugitives. Everyone tries to stop Sanjeev, who chases, beats up, and almost arrests Dilshad, only for him to be cornered by the politicians and public who let him escape but without Dilshad. After being awarded the President Medal, Sanjeev begins his hunt again and this time, through Dilshad's girlfriend Huma, tricks him into coming to Nepal. He teams up with his officers once again, and sends a van to pick up Dilshad, as a part of his plan. The latter, however, sends someone else to check for anything suspicious. Sanjeev runs to stop his officers from engaging upon realizing Dilshad's not in the van and lets it flee. Learning of nothing suspicious, Dilshad informs the van driver he'd depart the next day, and upon landing in Nepal, is stopped, thrashed, and arrested by Sanjay and his team. The court proceedings begin, where the opposing lawyer, Shailesh Arya, brings up arguments to counter Sanjeev's truth and a parallel story of fake encounters, as per which Mohan Chand and his men brought the students in L18 tortured, and decided to kill them when they were ordered not to do so, following which Mohan Chand was shot by one of his officers. Sanjeev, however, brings out the truth that actually, his officers had been closely watching the students and realized they belonged to the Indian Mujahideen. The real shootout then plays out, showcasing Mohan Chand and his team engaging during the students' fire, and the very fact that Mohan Chand died gives Sanjeev's argument a strong support when he tells everyone that no officer has ever died in a fake encounter. His arguments convinc e the court to sentence the 2 terrorist