Have you ever struggled with weight loss, digestive problems, always getting sick, sleepless nights, and just not pooping?

A simple “trick” right after every meal can fix all of this...

My trusted friend and Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Joshua Levitt, recommends taking a probiotic 30-minutes after EVERY meal.

It makes sense that a healthy, balanced microbiome is necessary for good digestive function...and that’s been proven to be true.

People with a healthy GI microbiome have more regular bowel movements, less gas, less bloating, and fewer reactions to foods.

And that’s where Dr. Levitt wants to help.

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Probiotic+ is full of 6 active living strains of probiotics that act just like a bowel-flush for your insides.
There is NO other probiotic on the market that contains this specific "family" of microorganisms. Each member of the family has its own job...but the strength of the formula is in the synergy of the family itself.
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em Prakash Tiwari (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a young owner of a video cassette shop in the local market of Haridwar, who subscribes to a nationalist organisation . He daily visits its branch for their early morning ritual of recitation of the national anthem, pledge to the nation & exercise. One of the key values of the organisation is abstinence, although senior members are married & there are no restrictions on the marriage of junior members. However, it is expected that their members should not indulge in their married life at the expense of service to the nation. His father is keen on getting him married to an educated overweight girl Sandhya (Bhumi Pednekar). In spite of not liking her, the school drop out Prem agrees to marry her as he cannot win over a girl with 'Juhi Chawla-level-of-looks.' In addition, as Sandhya is trying to be a school teacher, his family asks him to think of this alliance for financial help too. Eventua lly, in an elaborate community-wedding ceremony, Prem and Sandhya get married. Prem visibly shows his disinterest in the marriage and does not consummate the marriage on the wedding night. While his sister, aunt and mother argue about his non-existent life, Prem leaves for Agra. At home, Sandhya tries to get Prem attracted to her. But he is too embarrassed to even walk with her on the street. Prem and Sandhya's relationship remains strained although they share a kiss and have sex on their second night together. The branch manager advises him that since he could not uphold his oath of abstinence he should rather focus on his married life. Over time, Sandhya's frustration shows; when Prem's aunt brings up a petty topic, the two have a heated excha