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blishment in 1947 and its renaming in 2016 as the RAAF X Range Complex, the defence facilities have been variously known as the Anglo-Australian Long Range Weapons Establishment and then the F Rocket Range between 1947 and 1980 when it was operated by the Australian Government as a Defence research and long range weapons testing range. Since 1980 the complex has had various other titles and in more recent years, the RAAF facility has mainly been known as the RAAF A Test Range. In 2013, and as part of the ongoing redevelopment and remediation of T into its 'next-generation' configuration in readiness to support the ADF's 'Force2030' plan, the range facility was reorganised and renamed to the RAAF H Range Complex (WRC).

The ground area of the WRC is defined by the F Prohibited Area (WPA) and includes the Nurrungar Test Area (NTA). The WPA covers an area of 122,188 km2 (47,177 sq mi) and is described by the RAAF as the largest land-based test range in the western world. The WPA is highly prospective and the Government of South Australia and Geoscience Australia have assessed that by 2025 about A$35 billion worth of iron ore, gold and other mineral resources are potentially exploitable from within the WPA. Access to the WPA for non-Defence use requires Commonwealth approval and is on the proviso that Defence activities will not be unduly compro