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ory is of two lovers, Prem and Heer and their undying love for one another. Despite conspiracies, tragedies and heart-break, their undying love for one another prevails through the roughest of times. In parallel, the show also focuses on Prem and Heer's siblings Preet and Meher. The story begins with a young village woman, Heer Maan, who has been engaged to her father's best friend's son whilst being young. She is a simple girl, and above all wants to make her parents happy. She doesn’t think twice about her engagement to a man she has never seen. On the other side, we have Prem , a man who has grown up in Canada, yet has no problem agreeing to a marriage his father decided on years ago, because his parents are the most important people to him. Next to them, his happiness means nothing. Prem returns to India with his family, only to find out that Heer and her entire family have supposedly perished in an accident. Now, here, instead of releasing Prem from his promise, his father forces him to agree to marry his best friend's niece, thinking to appease his best friend's soul in this way. The thing they don't know is that Heer and her sister, Mehar, are actually alive and well. Their deaths are a lie perpetuated by an evil aunt, Daljeet, who wants to marry her daughter, Ashlesha, off to the rich Prem Juneja. Prem meets Heer, falls in love with her. He loves his father, but he cannot watch Heer marry a mentally challenged man. When Prem's relationship with Heer comes to light at the event of his marriage, his father, Lalit Juneja, gets angry and disowns him. Prem leaves his house along with Heer and Mehar. Prem regrets hurting his father, but he has made a promise to Heer. After a period of tribulation, during a storm, Lalit Juneja, Prem's father, realizes the truth and is ready to give his blessing to the couple. Heer does not know this, and pretends to have amnesia so that Prem can b e free to go back to his family. Heer sneaks out one night, and Prem goes after her. At the train station, Lalit helps Prem convin