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arriage, Vrinda tells Rajbeer everything about her and Yug's love and their family's betrayal. She tells him that she thought she was marrying Yug and she cannot live with anyone else. Rajbeer (heartbroken) tells Vrinda that his grandmother is very ill and will only live about six months more. If Vrinda leaves Rajbeer, his grandmother will die right away. Vrinda agrees to stay in the house as Rajbeer's wife until his grandmother dies. Rajbeer promises that after six months, he will hand her over to Yug. During these 6 months Vrinda and Rajbeer fall in love. But they do not admit it to each other because Rajbeer thinks Vrinda still loves Yug. She thinks that Rajbeer thinks of her only as a friend. On the day that his grandmother dies, Rajbeer gives Vrinda to Yug. But Yug tells them both that they belong together, as he used to see Vrinda's eyes filled with love for him but that love is now for Rajbeer and he does not want to get in the way of their happiness. Vrinda thanks Yug and leaves with Rajbeer. Seeing that they tore their children apart, Balwant and Vikramaditya end their enmity and become best friends again. Yug still loves Vrinda deeply but marries Bharti byn his grandfather's wishes. Yug tells Bharti that they will only stay friends as he will always love Vrinda. Yug had told Bharti all this before marria