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st it is shown that Bharti is a really sweet and beautiful girl who loves Yug deeply even though she knows about him and Vrinda. It is later revealed that Bharti is extremely jealous of Vrinda. Bharti is plotting to ruin Vrinda's life. Vrinda gets pregnant and Bharti convinces Rajbeer that the child belongs to Yug, by showing him some pictures that show Vrinda and Yug embracing. (The pictures were taken when Yug was consoling Vrinda). The baby dies at the age of only one month in a kidnapping attempt. Vrinda is devastated and Rajbeer is furious. He thinks Yug is the cause of everything. He thinks Yug and Vrinda are having an affair. Rajbeer declares enmity with Yug and says that if Vrinda keeps any relation with Yug, he will consider her dead. Vrinda, who loves Rajbeer a lot, agrees to not keep any relation with Yug. Two months later, Vrinda gets pregnant for a second time. As Vrinda returns from the clinic, she is nearly hit by a truck and is saved by Yug. Rajbeer comes at that moment and he sees Vrinda in Yug's arms. He thinks that Vrinda has still been meeting Yug and that this child, too, belongs to Yug and not him. He kicks Vrinda out of the house. Yug tries to explain things to Rajbeer but that does not work so he goes to Vrinda (who is at the train station) to apologise. But Vrinda screams at Yug saying that every time Yug comes into her life, something goes wrong and if he wants to see Vrinda happy he should neve