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he show is the story of Devika Deol (Aparna Dixit), a gentle, young woman who is also a great devotee of a goddess named Ambe Maa, and Ravi Grewal (Krip Suri), a middle-class guy from Ambala. Devika's marriage is fixed with Saket Kapoor (Mahesh Shetty), an evil man, but due to some circumstances, Ravi marries Devika to save her from social humiliation. Devika faces problems in her married life mainly caused by her mother-in-law, Manju Grewal (Alka Amin), sister-in-law, Shweta and Saket himself. Meanwhile, she and Ravi are still trying to accept that they are married to each other. As Devika and Ravi come close and develop feelings for one another, Ravi gets a job in the prestigious Luthra Company. The company's boss, Nivedita Luthra, falls in love with him and tries to separate him from Devika, who also starts working there. Manju is after an expensive piece of land that was left to Devika by her mother to build a school someday. Ange red by Devika's refusal to hand over the land to her, Manju works with Saket and Nivedita to kill Devika by pushing her off a cliff. Several months later Devika survives the fall and takes up a new identity, Ambika Raichand, posing as the daughter of the wealthy Janki Raichand (Dolly Sohi), an influential woman who saved Devika. Ravi is now engaged to Nivedita, and his family resides in her house. The now changed and determined Devika re-enters their lives to take revenge and thinks that Ravi was part of the plan to kill her. As her plans fall into place, she realises that Ravi is innocent, and after settling her score with the others, Devika starts her new life with Ravi. While Nivedita and Saket plan to separate Ravi and Devika, they kill Monty, and the whole blame is put on Ravi, but Devika foils their plan and saves Ravi and tells him that she is pregnant, and the show end