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itten depictions of life in southern Madagascar during the 18th century. The wealth generated by maritime trade spurred the rise of organized kingdoms on the island, some of which had grown quite powerful by the 17th century. Among these were the Betsimisaraka alliance of the eastern coast and the Sakalava chiefdoms of Menabe and Boina on the west coast. The Kingdom of Imerina, located in the central highlands with its capital at the royal palace of Antananarivo, emerged at around the same time under the leadership of King Andriamanelo. In 1890, Madagascar was officially recognized as a French protectorate. The French, eager to exercise control over their new-found colony, brought workers, ambassadors, and soldiers to their trade posts in west Madagascar. Madagascar, however, refused to submit to the foreign country's rule. Then, in January 1895, French warships landed on the c oast of Madagascar. The French's massacre ended at the capital, Antananrivo, seeing thousands of Malagasy dead. Prime minister Zotsara Rainilaiarivony, His current wife Ranavalona III, and all other captured Malagasy dignitaries were exiled. They were sent to the island of Reunion, and then to the desert colony of Algiers, after Rainilaiarivony died in 1897. Queen Ranavalona III would not return to her home country again in her life. She died of an embolism in Algiers in 1917. She was 55 years old. Conflict settled down for a few decades. Several small insurrections rose and fell, including the 'Red Toga' Insurrection, a Merina Oligarchy, and two other small rebellions, one in 1898, and another in 1904. On the 16th of January, 1947, A socialist named Vincent Auriol was elected as President of France. He would serve for seven years, start a useless and inconclusive war in Indochina, cause the collapse of many of France's Colonies, and ove
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