ple Chaddha is presented as a spoilt brat since her father Suresh Chaddha is the creator of "Chaddha Industries", a huge finance company in Delhi. Dimple is used to meeting her boyfriend, Sunny Singh secretly. The two party all night, and one day, eventually Dimple passes out of alcohol. Sunny then drops her home and faces her parents before wandering off. He breaks into a bungalow nearby and starts to throw stones on windows claiming it was part of his family inheritance and consequently is chased by the residents. Later he explains to Dimple that the bungalow actually belongs to his father, who died shortly before, and was encroached by tenants, but he gets taxed. Dimple convinces her father to help him but he tries to make profit out of it by buying the property at less valuation. Her father claims later as if he had fooled Sunny big time, though he is later arrested when the police claims that the family living there had a stay order, and that he entered there with no permission. Dimple realizes she has been conned, and starts to cry out loud. Then, Sunny is spotted in an airport leaving for Mumbai, with the Rs.20 lakhs which he receives as an advance from Dimple's father. Story 2: Mumbai Raina Parulekar is a businesswoman in Mumbai who is paranoid about everything. She has been ordered by her boss to deliver an M.F. Hussain painting, which is sold out everywhere. She meets Deven Shah, who presumably owns an art gallery that comprises the painting she needs. Raina fails to identify the fake painting and she contacts Deven for the M.F. Hussain over the phone, and he acts to be the owner of the painting and sells it to Raina. She gives Rs. 60 lakhs to Deven but later her boss realizes it's a fake, and fires her immediately. She expresses her story of being conned by a man named Deven Shah to the media which, spreads like wildfire. This news is seen by Dimple and suspects that maybe Deven Shah could be Sunny and they may have been conned by the same pers