The Connecticut governor just called ALL N.R.A. members terrorists!!!

So if you or anyone you know is a member, Governor Dannel Malloy just called you (and them) a TERRORIST!

The irony?

NRA members are an incredibly law-abiding group...! We are NOT the ones causing the issues we as a nation face!

Governor Malloy his Devious Democrat Rat Pack are working feverishly to take away your Right To Bear Arms...

NRA Member or not - standing up for our constitutional rights is a MUST!

And that's why I pulled some strings and arranged a copy of the best selling book 2nd Amendment Rights for you - for FREE.


Our rights are under attack...

So it's time we FIGHT BACK (with our knowledge) that this book will give you in spades!

HURRY - the free copies won't last out the week...

To your survival,

Richard Marshall

P.S.:- Gun owner or not, these rights will empower you to make decisions based on your own beliefs, not what the Dems are forcing upon you.

Grab your copy today - stay informed!

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