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en the funds are transferred, Parichay's team in Delhi is alerted to Sandy's location. The bank manager recognizes Sandy and tries to rape her but she fights him off and consequently suffers a miscarriage. Pinky tends to Sandy's wounds and cremates her fetus. Sandy cannot bear this loss and goes into shock. Pinky tries to help her recover and they grow closer. Tyagi traces the two to a wedding procession which they were supposed to use as a guide to cross the border. Pinky comes to know about this and calls Tyagi, asking him to let Sandy pass in return for the 1 million he had earlier received from her and his surrender but his boss refuses. Sandy decides to settle some scores and convinces Pinky to leave without her. She returns to the city while Pinky cross-dresses and escapes the police checkpost. Sandy understands that if Tyagi's team gets hold of her, she would be killed. She instead surrenders herself to the local police and exposes the scam of Parivartan Bank. Purva visits Sandy in jail and tells her about Parichay's arrest, with 6 cases of fraud filed against him. Purva points out that Sandy could've received a lighter sentence and more sympathy if she disclosed her miscarriage but Sandy refuses. Purva then gives Sandy a package from P. Thapa, which has been posted from Nepal, addressed to her. It contains only a few photos of kids dancing in a Bollywood dance school in Nepal. Sandy understands it's from Pinky and sm