The unfortunate truth is, the kale you buy from the grocery store is grown in stripped, depleted soil, and is often old before it even arrives on the shelf. All its antioxidants have already leached away.

You’re buying substandard, nutrient-poor produce that has already traveled hundreds of miles and spent days in storage, treated with gases to make it ripen, and antifungal agents to keep the bugs away, and different chemicals to retain its color...

Get the picture??

Sadly, far too many people are living in complete ignorance of this. They are happily eating mass-produced crap which they think is good for them.

And what’s the point of making yourself chew through a piece of kale if it’s not even improving your health and vitality??

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I wanted to make sure you know the truth right now.

But I’m not just bringing the bad news, I’ve also got the solution!

The answer to this food industry sham is to take back your power and grow your own SUPER VEGGIES at home, with hydroponics. Curious? You’re in luck because I’m sharing early access to a new book, The Hydroponic Garden Secret.

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? Why hydroponics is actually EASIER and more fun than regular old “dirt gardening”!

? Specific steps to set up your first hydroponic kit with just SIX items, most of which you already have at home

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