Stretch this muscle below to stop embarrassing "pee leaks" (women only)

Today we have something a bit more sensitive to talk about.

It may be uncomfortable for some, but this issue affects over 15 million women in the U.S. alone...


And one of our good friends and health contributors has experienced this in a deeply personal way.

Health and Fitness Expert, Alex Miller, was devastated the day her mother nearly died.

But she never could have guessed that battling this traumatic experience would cause her mom to suffer from humiliating “pee leaks” for years.

Her mom felt like she wasn’t in control of her body anymore.

She was ashamed.


And embarrassed to be a woman.

Alex’s strong confident mother was now struggling to even want to leave the house.

And Alex was heartbroken.

That’s when she decided something had to change…

And she dedicated her life to finding a solution.

But she never would have guessed, that this search to help her mom would lead her to discover the shocking secret that is causing most women to suffer from involuntary leakage...

And a strange upper body stretch that would not only help her mom, but thousands of women around the world to stop peeing their pants.



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