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Kamala’s dirtiest secret



ahachai canal Created after the execution of Phan Thai Norasing, to mourn his integrity and improve the convenience of water transportation. The excavation was occurred and was started from the reign of King Sanphet VIII to the reign of King Sanphet IX ( King Sanphet VIII's son). The starting point of this canal is en entrance of Tha Chin River to Khok Kham as the end. This canal has 3 meters deep, 16 meters wide, and 10 meters deep (bottom). There are 30,000 workers who worked on this canal. The former/alternative name was Khok Kham canal. It was also called "Dhan canal" by people on Thonburi side Phan Thai Norasing 's Monument It is located at Norasing, Bha Mhok, Ang Thong which was believed to be his birthplace so, this monument was constructed to honor him. The opening ceremony of the monument was on 4 November 1989. Norasing Sub-district According to the historic record, Phan Thai Norasing was presumed to be civilian in t his place which was located at Bhan Bha Mhok district, Ang Thong so, this sub-district was later established to dedicate to Phan Thai Norasing's loyalty and devotion. In popular culture Many media of entertainment have been telling the heroic story of Phan Thai Norasing including musicals, movies, and TV series. Also, comics and books are prominent media too. Forms of media Year Phan Thai Norasing (Actors) Musical 1945 Surasit Sattayawong Movie 1950 Choochai Prakanchai Musical 1965 Gamton Suwanbpiyasìrí TV series 1972 Gamton Suwanbpiyasìrí TV series 1978 Nirut Sirijanya Movie 1982 Sorapong Chatree Musical 1989 Saranyoo Wonggrajaang TV series 2000 Teerapat Sajakul Movie 2015 Pongsakorn Maytdtagaanon TV series 2016 Pongsakorn Maytdtagaanon Musicals Phan Thai Norasing (1945) This is the very first time that the story of Phan Thai Norasing was made into a form of entertainment. The plot of this musical was adapted from royal chronicle and historical facts in the reign of King Sanphet VIII by His Royal Highness Prince Panuphun Yukhon. It was performed by Siwarhom crew which main characters are Surasit Sattayawong as Phan Thai Norasing, Suphan Buranaphim as Naun, and Jhok Dokjan as King Sanphet VIII. In this musical, there is a soundtrack titled "naam dtaa saeng-dtai" (??????????? in Thai), in the farewell scene between Sing and Naun.the track and musical was very beloved during and afte