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Why doctors in the know no longer prescribe Metformin

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ishi Oberoi is the only son in the Oberoi family, who are wealthy and own a palatial home. Rishi is a womanizer, and often drinks. Mohan is an employee at Rishi's company and also his classmate from college. Rishi takes Mohan with him to an Inter College Beauty Contest. Chandni Gupta (Reema Sen) wins the beauty contest and gives a heart touching speech. In her speech she states that she wants to be the woman behind a successful man and even if her life partner is a coward she will help him become successful. Rishi was smitten by her beauty and Mohan was mesmerized by her words. Rishi sends her flowers to impress her while Mohan records an audio cassette that he sends to her hostel. Chandni agrees to meet Mohan and they start going out. One day Chandni's mother calls her back to her village and tells her that she has fixed her marriage to a doctor who is willing to marry her without any dowry and also pay for her younger sister's wedding. Chand ni tells her mother that she has promised someone else and she cannot marry the doctor. Her mother insists and refuses to listen to Chandni. Chandni tries to contact Mohan at his office but the receptionist does not let them talk because she is interested in Mohan. Mohan finds out about Chandni's wedding one day before from her friends so he goes to Rishi for help. He tells Rishi to go pick Chandni from her village while he convinces his parents. He also writes a letter to Chandni that the doctor which is going to marry her receives. The doctor was kind hearted and tells Chandni to go and marry the one she loves and he would simply marry her younger sister. She leaves the house with Rishi who takes her to Mohans village. Mohan's parents refuse to let him Chandni without dowry because they needed the money for his younger sister Meena's wedding. Mohan's parents also threaten to commit suici