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han cries like a child and then refuses to marry Chandni. He does not even look at her face while telling her he can't marry her. Mohan tells Rishi to drop her back where he brought her from. Chandni leaves with Rishi, she is sad but she did not want to marry Mohan after seeing him cry like a child. She also stopped him from touching her when put his hand on her should while crying. Rishi asks Chandni where she wants to go. She couldnt go back home because then her sister would not get married and she could not go back to the hostel because she did not want to face her friends. So Rishi offers to take her to his house, hesitantly she agrees. Rishi's father welcomes her and tells all the servants to take care of her. She attends an interview at Rishi's company and gets a job. She works there but does not speak to Mohan for a month. Mohan tries to talk to her and she replies kindly. But it is clear that she does not have any feelings for him. She h as simply moved on. Mohan still think she loves him. One day some employees were gossiping about Rishi and Chandni being in a relationship. Mohan got physically violent with him. Chandni and Rishi came to stop them. Chandni told Mohan not to interfere in her life but he said that it is his right. Chandni enumerated all the ways in which he had wronged her and also praised Rishi. Chandni had fallen in love with Rishi and Rishi felt the same. Rishi tried to confess his feelings but he couldnt. So he told his father to talk to Chandni. Rishi's father told asked her if she would marry him and she accepted but then he said that she is marrying him for his money. Chandni gets angry and leaves the house. Rishi tried to make her stop but she didn't listen. Rishis father told him what he had said and then even Rishi left the house. Chandni went and stayed at a girls orphanage to which she had donated the prize money she won at the beauty contest. They welcomed her and she stayed with them. One day when she was traveling with the sisters by train Rishi happens to be in the same compartment. Rishi tells her how much he loves her and how she changed him. Chandni also confesses her love and they both hug each oth