NeckRelax Helps Relieve Neck and Body Pain with the Push of a Button

Tired of feeling sore all the time?

NeckRelax is a fast, non-invasive massaging device that can do so much more than a traditional massage:

Promote pain relief

Relaxes your muscles

Relieve discomfort

Promote relaxation

Reduce stress

And more!

This wearable therapeutic device uses electric pulse stimulation and magnetic therapy to combine the benefits of deep massage and total relaxation you can get from your professional masseuse.


The 5 Reasons Why NeckRelax is a Must-Try Relaxation Machine

Whether you have a knot in your neck or you're feeling stressed at work, NeckRelax attends to your muscles with low-frequency electrical pulses and infrared thermal technology for effective, comforting relief.


The flexible, ergonomic design easily adapts to different sizes of necks and can be worn anytime you want. The device is compact enough to fit inside your backpack, briefcase, or even next to your desktop monitor for ease of access.


NeckRelax helps de-stress. You don't need to be in physical pain to use it. Wrap it around your neck and turn it on to target any anxiety you may be feeling and melt your stress away.


It's not just for your neck: Target pain and soreness at the source. NeckRelax comes with 2 gel patches you can apply directly wherever you need. 3D fitting technology allows you to wrap the NeckRelax around your arms and legs as w ell.


It's a convenient option for addressing various symptoms associated with aging. As people age, the bones, discs, and joints of the neck gradually wear down, causing stiffness and pain. NeckRelax uses built-in magnets to promote improved blood circulation.


NeckRelax works by relieving tension in your neck muscles by combining the powers of infrared heat, therapeutic ultrasound, and electric frequencies, promoting pain relief and relaxation, which in turn can help reduce stress.

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Find the Perfect Relaxation Setting for You

It's not always possible for doctors to pinpoint the exact reason for your discomfort. And not everyone has the money to go see a massage therapist when the symptoms are at their worst.

NeckRelax is an easy way to address the everyday pains associated with poor posture, sitting at your desk too long, strained muscles, text neck, and more.


NeckRelax offers a variety of modes and intensities to choose from, including:

Acupuncture/Moxibustion mode:
To treat pain and boost circulation for a stronger immune system

Shiatsu mode:
To help relax tightened muscles, improve mood, and reduce anxiety

Malaxation mode:
To knead and soften painful muscle spasms

Once you discover the mode that suits you best, you can adjust the intensities to your personal preference.

There are 12 strength grades in total. Most people start low and gradually increase the power over time, using the device for 10-20 minutes a day.

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Easy-to-Use Instant Treatment

Have you ever wished for a second set of hands to massage your achy muscles? NeckRelax is the tool you've been looking for! The device operates on 2 AAA batteries and is simple to use right out of the box.

1. Wipe down the conductive plates with a damp cloth for best results.

2. Place NeckRelax around your neck (or in the desired position).

3. Turn on the power. The default setting is Automatic.

4. Press ON located on the right side of the device.

5. Use the High and Low settings positioned on the left to adjust the intensity.

6. Find the mode you prefer by clicking Mode, next to the ON button.

7. Let NeckRelax go to work.

Sore muscles can ruin your day! NeckRelax is perfect for busy executives, college students, athletes, arthritic retirees, or anyone else in need of a quick, penetrating massage.

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