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05, Iqlakh (Sankalp Acharekar), an educated English-speaker, enters Faizal's gang. Iqlakh actually wants to exact revenge and is Ramadhir's mole. Iqlakh is the son of Mohsin, who was on the receiving end of Sardar's justice (the Sabrina Khan story from Part 1). Faizal is initially impressed with Iqlakh's skills and is later made aware of Iqlakh's background, but decides to ignore it. Iqlakh has an astute knowledge of business and bags scrap auctions by force. This brings in a lot of profit for Faizal without any risk, and causes him to neglect Definite. Iqlakh advises Faizal to enter politics in order to provide political protection to all his activities. Faizal decides to contest from Ramadhir's constituency to exact his own revenge. Ramadhir, feeling threatened, has Definite released from jail and sends J.P. to negotiate a deal with him. J.P., however, is tired of his father's insults and wants to use Faizal to kill him. Rama dhir's plan is that Iqlakh will kill Faizal on election day and if he is unable, Definite will take the shot. Definite goes straight to Faizal and informs him of the plan. On election day, Definite's gang disrupts the elections by force in an effort to prevent Faizal from winning. Iqlakh leads Faizal to an isolated place and tries to kill them, but Definite arrives, double crosses Iqlakh and kills him. Definite explains to Faizal that Ramadhir changed the plan. Faizal decides to attack Ramadhir. Mohsina tells him she's pregnant and begs him not to go but he does not listen. Faizal, Definite and other gang members take an ambulance with a large cache of weapons and head towards the hospital where Ramadhir is meeting Shamshad. They enter the hospital, and Faizal kills Shamshad, Ramadhir, and Ramadhir's men. In the ensuing firefight with the police, Faizal and Definite are the only survivors, and are arrested. En route to prison the police halt at a roadside restaurant for refreshments, leaving Faizal alone in the police van. Faizal is then shot dead by Definite, released by the police. It is revealed that J.P. was the architect of the massacre and Definite is seen free, walking towards his mother. Four years later, in 2009, Mohsina and Nasir have moved to Mumbai with Faizal's young son, Feroz. Definite now rules Wasseypur. Nasir describes that Wasseypur was not affected by Ramadhir's and Faizal's deaths and concludes that it is still a battlefield like befor