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ets Rahul and finds out that Rahul loves Jenny more than his family, so helps them board a train to escape. However, Rahul disappears at the train station, and Jenny returns to Prem so Prem can help her find Rahul.Rahul's father, Pitambar Jalan, a politician, does not like Jenny and completely opposes a relationship between Jenny and Rahul, mainly due to the religious barrier, Jenny being a Christian and Rahul a Hindu. When Prem visits Rahul's house for Jenny's proposal with Rahul, he is insulted by Pitambar. Prem convinces his mother Sharda (Smita Jaykar) to let Jenny hide in their house while Jenny's family search for her, but they are eventually caught by the police. Jenny lies that she and Prem are in love, to save Rahul's name. While Prem corroborates Jenny's lie, he gets emotional and spurts out his true feelings for Jenny, which she mistakes for over-acting.Prem and Jenny successfully go to a club where Rahul&# 39;s birthday party is being held so that Jenny and Rahul can be reunited and eventually convince Pitambar to support the relationship. Rahul then tells Prem that he and Jenny are going to prepare for the wedding in two days.Unfortunately, a day before the wedding, Jenny gets kidnapped by Sajid Don (Zakir Hussain) who is seeking a ransom from Pitambar in exchange for her. Prem and his buddies find her in Sajid Don's warehouse. A hilarious fight ensues between Prem's and Sajid Don's gangs. Prem's father, Shiv Shankar Sharma (Darshan Jariwala) joins the fight and Sajid Don, a wanted criminal, gets arrested.Rahul and a contesting Pitambar tell the media that it was they who were the ones involved in the fight with Sajid Don, intending to buy a good name for Pitambar before the elections. On Jenny and Rahul's wedding day, Jenny finds out that Prem actually gave consent to Rahul and Pitambar to publicize their false story. This and her past recollections of Prem's selfless caring for her make her realize that she truly loves Prem and that Rahul and his family are actually very selfish, prompting her to become a runaway bride. Meanwhile, Prem, who is about to leave the town is stopped by an actor in the get up of Jesus (Behzaad Khan), who asks him to guide him to an address, further driving him back to the church, where he finds Jenny as the actor disappears and it is revealed that he was actually Jesus Christ, who took a human form to unite Prem with Jenny after hearing her prayers in the Church. She is united with Prem and the two happily get married, in a small celebration at a marriage registration office.The statue, in the beginning, reveals that the entire town is attending their wedding and asks the reporter to visit the registration offi