A Secret Ingredient
That Activates Holy Oil?
Anointed oil…
For thousands of years it’s been used in Holy Consecrations, baptisms, and other ceremonies.
But according to a controversial pastor…
"We’ve been mixing Anointed oil WRONG for almost 2,000 years."
He went on to explain that we’ve been infusing the oil without its KEY ingredient…
An ingredient that God himself hints at in the book of Exodus. I’ll admit, I was skeptical.
"Especially when the pastor told me that mixing anointed oil the CORRECT way… “the way that God had intended” (as he put it ) was single handedly responsible for hundreds of miraculous healings."
Naturally, I was even more skeptical by this point.
But the pastor’s deep belief in what he was saying convinced me
To watch his video, and learn more.
I was shocked when he revealed the missing ingredient, and frankly, very surprised by the incredibly strong evidence he provided to support his thesis.
But you be the judge for yourself.
PS: According to the pastor (and maybe he’s just being paranoid but...) certain left-leaning departments of our government are actively trying to suppress the secret he exposes in his controversial video.
So watch it while you still can

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