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ay, a criminal don wants to get his kind hearted half-sister Sanjana married. He fails since no one wants to be associated with his crime family. Dr. Dayal Ghunghroo has also been trying to get his nephew Rajiv, an auctioneer married, but due to his condition, the alliance must be with a purely decent family. He is also unsuccessful. Rajiv is smitten by Sanjana. Uday and his don cousin Majnu hatch a plan for an alliance with Dayal. The plan works and he agrees, thinking Uday is a very decent man. But after knowing Uday is a mobster, Dayal flees to Sun City, South Africa with his family. Majnu and Sanjana arrive in Sun City. Rajiv meets her again and the two fall in love. Dayal returns to Uday and Majnu and finally agrees to the alliance. The two invite a powerful don of underworld, RDX and his son Lucky, who refuses and leaves for a drink with friends. Ishika Kanojia enters, claiming to be Rajiv's childhood betrothed. She is actually Day al's sister-in-law, who he asked to come and try to break off the engagement. Ishika does so. Rajiv and Sanjana are heartbroken. Dayal reveals that Chitra (Rajiv's mother) was married into a crime family and got harassed and tortured thus telling Dayal to raise Rajiv away from crime when he was born. He says he'll agree only if Uday and Majnu give up their common crime life. Rajiv and Sanjana do this by reawakening Uday's love for acting and encouraging Majnu's passion for painting. With these things keeping them busy, Uday and Majnu have no time for crime any more. Rajiv's actions anger Lucky, who attempts to shoot Rajiv. Sanjana gets hold of the gun and fires a shot that hits Lucky, causing him to go unconscious. RDX is informed of Lucky's death and comes to attend the cremation. However Lucky, who is still alive, escapes, trying to show his father that he's actually alive. RDX sets the pile of wood on fire, believing he is cremating his son's b ody. However Lucky, who had been hiding under the wood, jumps out upon realising the wood is on fire, and the truth is revealed to RDX. Rajiv, Dayal, his wife Payal, Ishika, Uday, Majnu and Sanjana are captured by RDX and brought to a cabin set next to a cliff. The frightened group is forced to play Passing the Parcel (Hot Potato) with a globe — but the one who ends up with the globe must jump off the cliff. When Rajiv refuses to pass the globe to Sanjana, Lucky angrily yanks it out of his hands, just as the music stops. Now that his son has the globe, RDX figures the only way he can maintain his image is by killing everyone. Before he can, several government brokers sneak up and cut the footings of the cabin, causing the house to start falling over the cliff, with everyone trapped inside. However, the cabin is suspended by only one column. Hilarious chaos ensues as the group tries to balance the cabin together and keep it from falling off the cliff. Rajiv finds a rope and the group uses it to get back onto stable ground. But to everyone's shock, the floor breaks and Lucky is found hanging on the edge of the cabin. While Rajiv is trying to rescue him, Sanjana reveals the truth to everyone that she was the one who shot Lucky, but Rajiv blamed himself so that Sanjana wouldn't get in trouble. After Rajiv rescues Lucky, the cabin he is standing on falls off into the cliff. Sanjana keeps crying for him thinking he is dead. However, Rajiv survives the event and is reunited with Sanjana and his family. Lucky and RDX are grateful to Rajiv for saving their lives and RDX gives up his life of crime, allowing Rajiv and Sanjana to finally get married. However, they realise that Ishika fooled them along with Rajiv, as a part of his plan to marry Sanjana. This angers Uday and Majnu, who decide to kill Rajiv as he escapes along with Sanjana and Ishika, but are unsucces