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empt to blackmail Gyanesh to make him lie in front of some lawyers fails and he assaults Gyanesh. Deven intervenes and plays the good guy and helps Gyanesh and takes him to Austria in an attempt to win him. There Anushka and Gyanesh get on very well and she is amazed by his singing talent. She lets him into her orchestra which is due to perform in front of thousands of people. Deven gets jealous as Anushka and Gyanesh get on so well but soon learns to love his brother. Danny, now penniless and thrown out of all the luxurious clubs, loses his girlfriend. He meets up with Deven and Gyanesh and they all become loving brothers again and forget about the money. Deven and Danny's maternal uncle and his family decide to poison Gyanesh to get his money. They show Gyanesh a recording of Deven and Danny plotting to scam Gyanesh out of his money which breaks his heart. They then switch his inhaler with one containing poison and leave. Gyanesh, shocked and breathles s uses his inhaler and fights with his brothers who realize that he knows about their plot. Heartbroken Gyanesh performs on stage when Deven shows up and they do a duet with Deven singing about forgiveness. Onstage Gyanesh collapses and Deven takes him to hospital whilst Danny gets the police to arrest the family members who tried to poison Gyanesh.


At the hospital, Deven is informed that the only doctor available is Dr. Banton who refuses to help. Dr. Banton accuses him of only wanting Gyanesh to survive for the money so he can marry his daughter but Deven breaks down and tells Dr. Banton that if he saves Gyanesh he will not marry Anushka saying he just wants to keep his family together. Dr. Banton is shocked by Deven's sense of responsibility and saves Gyanesh. He then allows Deven to marry Anushka now that he has become a changed man who cares about his family. The ending is a dance scene featuring the cast and crew of the film. Cast Salman Khan as Deven Yuvvraaj "Dev" Singh, a slightly ambitious guy who believes life begins with himself and ends with his love Anushka. A quarrel with his father was reason enough for him to leave home and live as a struggling singer. Devoid of family values, he is forced to journey through the circle of love for the sake of money to complete his love sto ry. Anil Kapoor as Gyanesh Kumar Yuvvraaj Singh, an autistic savant, who is completely removed from the idea of money; therefore, his enormous inheritance has no impact on him. By some stroke of destiny, he has a genius disorder. Since childhood, he was brilliant in all aspects of music. He enters Deven’s world of mu