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ook me years to catch up on the news, and then things didn't turn out like I was hoping for. I'd start getting the phone calls after school and then work on my website for a while, but when I found out I had another account on facebook that showed up as an email, I started to suspect what I had discovered. "Oh look," I was saying. A few days later, I was back in business, and this time, I had another account of mine on facebook. The difference between my new account and my old one was that it had a new name and I was able to make contact with it. On my own website, I had two separate accounts, so the first one was for a business, and I had one account that I was working on. But on the other hand, the new account was my real name, which meant I was still at the school, so I called the school to let them know to get rid of me. When I called the school a little later, they told me that I was no longer an employee. They let me go, and that's when I started doing all the work. So now, I am a freelancer, but you can't do that. Or you can do a lot of work for free. My new account got shut down after I told them that I was no longer working for the scho After breaking up with his girlfriend, Piyali Patel in London, Luv Agnihotri insists his younger brother Kush, an assistant film director and photographer in Mumbai, to find him a bride. Kush reaches home to meet his army veteran father, Col. (Retd.) Swank Agnihotri and homemaker mother Kanak and travels with them all over India to find a bride suitable for Luv but in vain. His friends come up with an idea to advertise this in a newspaper. A certain Dilip Dixit from Agra responds to the advertisement, claiming that he is looking for a suitable groom for his daughter. However, when Kush travels with his parents to Agra to meet the Dixit family, he is shocked to find out that the prospective bride is none other than Dimple "D" Dixit, who he had previously met during a chance encounter on a college outing five years ago. Obnoxious and loud, Dimple is everything that Kush is not, but he pleads not to create a scene and asks her to consider the alliance. After meeting Luv, Dimple agrees to marry him. Her brother Ajay wants them to get married at a place in Agra from where the Taj Mahal is visible. However, during the wedding preparations, Kush realizes he has feelings for Dimple, and she initially responds by slapping him as to why he didn't tell her before. Later, they try to elope, but it doesn't work out, and they return, planning to distract Luv. Eventually, on the eve of the wedding, Dimple brings Piyali, a mutual friend, to Agra, and Luv, figuring out he still has feelings for Piyali, elopes the next day. They get married according to religious customs, with Luv sending letters to the Agnihotri and Dixit families explaining the reasons behind his elopement. After reading the letters, Dilip and Swarnik have a bi tter fight but figure that the only way to protect their respect and pride is to get Kush and Dimple married. However, Kush maintains a condition that he will marry Dimple only if Luv and Piyali are accepted. The family agrees, with both couples enjoying a proper, lavish wedding. They live happily ever after togeth