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own-up Vijay (Hrithik Roshan) now works for Rauf Lala and finds himself as his trusted wing-man. Once inspector and now commissioner, Gaitonde (Om Puri) acts as a silent guardian for Vijay and tries to eliminate crime in Mumbai. During the time when Rauf's influence over the drug business in Mumbai is falling, Kancha decides to grow his influence as a drug lord in the city and sends his aid, Shantaram (Ravi Jhankal) over to Mumbai for the process. Shantaram succeeds in bribing the Home Secretary of State of Maharashtra, Mr. Borkar (Sachin Khedekar) in order to get the access to the interiors of Mumbai for smuggling cocaine. Vijay catches Borkar red-handed while trying to smuggle cocaine from Mandwa into Mumbai through his headquarters in Goa. Borkar and Shantaram are forced to hand over the pure cocaine to Lala, thus making them Lala's suppliers rather than rivals. Lala rewards Vijay with the territory of Dongri for his achievement. He further gains Lala's trust by taking a bullet shot which was aimed for Lala's son, Mazhar (Rajesh Tandon); this, however, later turns out as a conspiracy involving Vijay and Shantaram to eliminate Mazhar. After having Mazhar shot by Shantaram and subsequently even killing Shantaram himself to eradicate evidence, Vijay brings Mazhar's corpse to Lala, who falls sick and is admitted into a hospital; in the meantime, Vijay takes over Lala's empire and brings all the crimes committed by Lala's gang to an end. All this results in him being contacted by Kancha and invited to Mandwa for a business agreement. Kancha, however, is taken aback when Vijay mentions that he wants Mandwa in exchange for Mumbai; Vijay's allies and companions are killed, and he himself is beaten up severely by Kancha, but despite initially suspecting this deal, Kancha later agrees on the condition that Gaitonde must be killed. Meanwhile, back in Mumbai, Lala regains health and finds out the tr uth behind Mazhar's death. He gets hold of Shiksha (Kanika Tiwari) and tries to sell her off. Vijay is notified of this by Kancha and he flees back to Mumbai and kills Lala in a bloody skirmish; Shiksha shares an emotional reunion with Vijay as a grown-up Kaali (Priyanka Chopra) accompanies them. Soon after, Kancha sends a man, Surya, to assassinate Gaitonde. Surya identifies Vijay to be the "master's son" and reports this to Kancha. However, while he tries to assassinate Gaitonde, he is killed by Vijay in the midst of a crowd. Vijay meanwhile marries Kaali, now his love interest, who is killed right after during a shooting spree by Kancha's men. Vijay leaves for Mandwa to avenge the death of his father and his wife. He destroys the island of Mandwa through explosions and after an intense battle, Kancha almost kills Vijay with a knife, but with all his might, Vijay kills Kancha by hanging him from the same tree in which his father was hanged. However, due to hi s severe injuries, Vijay is last seen in his mother's and sister's hands passing away whilst seeing a vision of his father and his younger self calling him forward and shouting Agneepa