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ntually, Champak and his accomplices decided to end the bank robbery and free the bank staff and customers, removing the zip-ties fastening their hands behind their backs and letting them all go. But just as the hostages are about to exit the bank, one of them, Jugnu reveals himself to be a ruthless bank robber who is secretly working for the Indian Home Minister to procure the compromising disc that threatens to expose him in a political scandal. In a transition of power from the old bank robbers to the new bank robbers, Jugnu and his fellow perpetrators hijack the bank at gunpoint, shooting and seriously wounding an elderly male hostage and taking the original bank robbers, Champak and his accomplices, as their own hostages in a new bank robbery. As the sands of power inside the bank shift from Champak to Jugnu, Jugnu forces the old bank robbers to assist him and his team with their own bank heist. In the meantime, the twenty-seven remain ing bank staff and customers are forced to transition from being Champak's hostages to becoming Jugnu's hostages. The ruthless new bank robbers force the hostages to kneel on the ground; each bank employee and customer is now compelled to keep his (or her) hands behind his (or her) head at all times. While all this chaos is unfolding, Amjad Khan discovers that Champak is no longer the real bank robber but his efforts to investigate the bank robbery are thwarted as the corrupt Minister for Home Affairs orders the investigation of the ongoing bank robbery transferred from the CBI to the local Mumbai police in an effort to help Jugnu. At one point the CBI officer is invited to enter the bank to check that all the hostages are still alive and safe. The CBI officer enters the premises to discover the terrified bank staff and customers inside a back room, all compelled to sit on the floor with their hands behind their heads. During this time Jugnu instructs Champak to try and fool the CBI officer by pretending that he (i.e. Champak) is still the bank robber and that he (i.e. Jugnu) is still a hostage. At this point, Champak offers to let the CBI officer take the injured elderly male hostage for medical treatment. When the CBI officer leaves, Jugnu beats up Champak for letting one of the hostages go, much to the alarm and fright of the remaining hostages. Eventually, Champak and his partners outwit Jugnu and his accomplices and help free all the captives inside the bank. In an act of chivalry, Champak and his team help free the female hostages first. But eventually, all the hostages are freed. The released bank workers and customers embrace Champak and his partners as their heroes for saving their lives. Jugnu is ultimately captured. The corrupt Minister for Home Affairs is exposed when the information on the disk inside the bank becomes public knowledge. At the end, it is revealed that the three who freed the hostages were the actual bank robbers who robbed many banks and all the work done by them was a part to expose the home minister who killed his partner who was a journalist while he was gathering evidence against the home minister. They were also the actual persons who ran away with the money. Amjad Khan admits that they are the only robbers whose mind he could not rea