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anes Note: The entire hillbilly family speaks grammatical false English, and writes letters in false direction. Also, everyone of them is very dimwitted, bordering mental retardation. Sid: Former British punk rocker. His main hit was a song called "I Wanna Punch A Rainbow", which can be heard in some episodes. He obviously has a drug problem, and most of time talks about pointless things. He wears a safety pin in his nose and has two earrings on every ear. He and his family ended up in the canyon after a plane crash. Emily: Sid's wife. She is dimwitted, like the rest of her family, but seems to be more responsible to her children than her husband. She thinks French talking men are very romantic. Mace: The Butanes' love-sick teenage daughter. She desperately looks for a boyfriend (even going so far as to date animals or create one in her mind). She is friends with Roxy and Pristine, but only Roxy can hold the trio together. Sly (blonde) and Butch (brown haired): Perverse younger sons of the Butanes. They have bad teeth and are extremely stupid, often endangering their lives because of it. They are friends (or rather, sidekicks) of Jake. They also seem to have an incestuous crush on their sister and each other; however, this can come from their dumbness. Manderbelts Reginald: Owner of Manderbelt Industries, husband of Beverly and father to Royce, Pristine and Vaughn. He is a very arrogant, selfish and snobbish man who often boasts about his wealth. He and his family wanted to move with their home (literally), but ended up in the canyon. Beverly: The snobby matron of the Manderbelts. She is as arrogant as her husband, and sometimes even more. She has a creepy crush on her son Royce, and she even bathes him. Bjorn: The family's Norwegian servant, who never speaks (although it's never revealed why). It seems that he dates Frida sometimes. He has a very muscular build, and he does everything the Man derbelts tell him to do, irrelevant of how bad or immoral it is. According to Reginald, he has to take the Manderbelt's behaviour because he is poor. Princess The Manderbelts' two legged, disabled cat. Royce: The Manderbelts' son. Very handsome, he is Roxy's love interest until season 2. Pristine: The Manderbelts' middle child and only daughter who is also a friend of Roxy. Unlike the other Manderbelts, Pristine is much less snobby and arrogant and rather kind and friendly towards the other inhabitants causing her to be regarded as ugly by the rest of her family, in spite of her nice appearance. Vaughn: Youngest son and undefeated antagonist, he has anger issues. He does not say much aside from saying "I´m Vaughn". His parents do nothing to stop his aggressive behavior nor discipline him. Charbonneaus Angel: Mother/daughter team who tours the junior beauty pageant circuit. They, like the Manderbelts, are very arrogant, and sometimes even more. Des pite the fact that Angel is manipulating and mischievous, she loves her daughter dearly and is very maternal towards her. Brandi: Ruthless girl very spoiled and unlike Roxy, she only cares about herself. Stéphane: Gay coach for Brandi's modelling. He acts like a stereotypical arrogant French man. Other characters Sarah Forbes: Ever optimist cheerleader. She acts as the mayor of Crash Canyon and has every time the presidency on every meeting. She is always happy and never seems to lose her nerves. She lives in a school bus. She also runs the canyons school. Nalappat Brajabashimayum and Dummy: Indian ventriloquist and his abusive dummy. He treats his dummy like a living being. Nalappat runs the only bar in the canyon, in which a strange drink made by himself is served. It is unknown what the recipe is but, according to him, it will get you drunk. Frida Dominguez: A Mexican lady, she runs a restaurant with the lowest hygiene standards. She has been married countless times. S he is a very sexually active person and has an affair with Bjorn. Colton Steel and Private Lippy: Astronauts who ended up in the canyon when their capsule landed there after re-entry. Colton is a very patriotic astronaut, while Lippy has a crush on Roxy. They both are the best friends. He is the only one in the canyon with American nationality. Earl: A biker thug who ended up in the canyon after a friend from his group punched buggied him. He is very violent, but can be humorous sometimes. He has a large beard and red hair. Hiko: Elder Japanese man, he talks like a stereotypical fast talking Asian. Most people in the canyon seem to not get that he is Japanese, as many believe him to be Chinese, Taiwanese or of other Asiatic descent, which angers him. Mrs. Mcgurck and Bear: An abusive old lady who throws her insults and tortures at a brown bear (after she believed it ate her husband) and treats him like a slave. The bear takes it. Pete and Carol: Ambulance attendants, most of the tim e they act very amoral and irresponsible for their occupation. They make many jokes. They ended up in the canyon after Pete let go of the wheel and they went off the road. Coma Steve: Pete and Carol's patient who only lies on a stret