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sic MTV asked Marilyn Manson to compose a song for the show. Ultimately, the song conveyed the public's obsession with violence and sadistic acts which were portrayed on television. Manson believed that was the show's satirical take regarding society as a whole. "Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes" became the only single off the Celebrity Deathmatch soundtrack. It was nominated in 2001 for the Best Metal Performance Grammy Award and later included on Manson's album The Last Tour on Earth. Revival Title card for the 2006 revival of the series on MTV2; produced by Cuppa Coffee Studios. New episodes of the show, which began production in 2005, were produced by Cuppa Coffee Studio as opposed to MTV's now-defunct animation department. The show featured an all-new voice cast and a new look. Johnny, Nick, and Mills Lane returned, albeit with new voices. Mills Lane, who used to be played by himself, was played by Chris Edg erly due to the real Mills Lane's 2002 stroke. Debbie Matenopoulos was replaced by Tally Wong. Eric Fogel chose not to get very involved with the new seasons due to his involvement on his show Starveillance for the E! network. The show was directed by Jack Fletcher and Dave "Canadian" Thomas. During the 2006 season, fans were able to vote on for future matches by choosing one of three matches and by sending a write-in request. However, due to the second cancellation of the show, these matches would not come to fruition. Fogel would later go on to create Glenn Martin, DDS, with Michael Eisner and Alex Berger, for Nickelodeon as part of Nick at Nite, and it performed poorly critically and financially. Cancelled Reboots In April 2015, MTV2 announced a reboot of the show on its Twitter account. On November 2, 2016, Eric Fogel confirmed via Twitter that production on the reboot had been stopped for unknown reasons and the pilot would not be going forward. On Decemb er 6, 2018, MTV Studios announced a "reimagining" of the show was set to return in 2019 with Ice Cube as star and executive producer through his Cube Vision production company, with series creator Eric Fogel also as an executive producer, being unclear whether or not the weekly series would air on MTV, as the new version of the show was seeking “an exclusive [streaming video on demand] or premium broadcast partner.” However, In an interview, Executive Producer Eric Fogel said: "I've had some conversations with Ice Cube. We're trying to put a plan in place. There's nothing I can announce officially. But there have been conversations." Despite that, no other new information, announcements nor updates has surfaced, and it has been rumored or speculated that the reboot is presumed to have been quietly cancelled possibly due to creative differences, budget issues or disagreements. But neither of those have been confirmed as of 2021. Other media Video game Main article: Celebrity Deathmatch (video game) A video game based on the series was released for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows on October 14, 2003 by Gotham Games. Syndication Celebrity Deathmatch aired in reruns on UPN, and was re-aired on TNN (The National Network) (later Spike TV, now The Paramount Network) from 2002 to 2003. References "Eric Fogel, Creator of Celebrity Deathmatch, Starveillance and Anton & Crapbag". Animation Magazine. Retrieved November 21, 2010. Perlmutter, David (2018). The Encyclopedia of American Anima