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plane, airplane with two wings, one above the other. In the 1890s this configuration was adopted for some successful piloted gliders. The Wright brothers’ biplanes (1903–09) opened the era of powered flight. Biplanes predominated in military and commercial aviation from World War I through the early 1930s, but the biplane’s greater maneuverability could not offset the speed advantage of the lighter monoplane. After World War II, biplanes were used only for special purposes: crop dusting and sport (aerobatic) flying. In the mid-1930s Adolf Busemann proposed the supersonic biplane, having a quite narrow gap (space between wings) in which expansion waves and shock waves would interact to reduce drag (the “shape drag” due to the thickness of the airfoil sections). A biplane having one much smaller wing (usually the lower) is called a sesquiplane. A few triplane designs proved successful during World War I; powered aircraft with four or more main lifting surfaces have never been more than curiositime here as a kid to see my parents when we were a little boy. My mom got me here from school to work on the little house next to our house, and we all went home to it. I don't think I'llever remember that night. We both had a lot of conversations as kids, and we were like, "Oh my god." I was just like, "I can see our mom's face." My dad's father is a farmer. We went out and went to the farm, and he asked her about how our family was. She just said, "We're from the united states. We live in nebraska. We go to public schools. We live just off our own property. We all go to private schools." My mom has been very supportive about the schools in the rural community, because that's where she was raised. Now, I'm at a school in the midwest. I live in a very rural community. And her family is so supportive of her. Her family is so supportive of her. And here I am, here I am, I can't even say this is the happiest place in the world, because you get it. You get it through what you've gone through, and there's nothing you can do about it. So, it's like, I'm sorry. I just don't think there's anything you can do about it. You can just try and get it. But you can't take it from some