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ina's feelings for Bunny grow once again, and Bunny finds himself becoming attracted to Naina. Naina however, doesn't want to get her heartbroken again, leading herself to avoid hang-outs with Bunny. Later, Bunny sees Aditi fighting with Taran, and thinks they were fighting because Taran was jealous of Avi and Aditi. But Aditi reassures Bunny it was because she wanted to slap Avi for spending two lakhs on booze and poker, and says that Taran was trying to stop her from slapping Avi. Bunny also confronts Aditi about her crush on Avi but she says that she has gotten over him and is happy with Taran. Bunny then realizes that he feels the same way with Naina and goes to see her with two drinks in his hand. Bunny sees Naina with another man, Naina’s friend, Vikram (Rana Daggubati) and feels jealous, causing Bunny and Naina to argue. While in the midst of arguing Naina tells Bunny that she can’t keep on hanging out with him, because she will fall in love with him again, and he wont again. Bunny eventually comes closer to Naina and kisses her. Afterwards, Bunny and Naina admit they love each other, but neither is willing to give up their own career to follow the other. Naina says she is happy staying with her family, living her simple life and doesn't want to leave whereas Bunny wants to see the world. Naina decide that it’s best that they forget each other, and they embrace each other in a tearful goodbye. On the night of Aditi's wedding, Bunny leaves for Paris. At the airport, he realizes what he is leaving behind and instead goes to his home, where he reconciles with his stepmother (Tanvi Azmi). On New Year's Eve, Naina, alone at home, receives a surprise visit from Bunny. He explains he has turned down his dream job to be with her and proposes spontaneously, but Naina fears that he might regret his decision later. Bunny counters that he is happy with her and wants to continue travelling, but with her, arguing that somehow they can make a life together. Naina agrees, and they have a conference call with Aditi and Avi. Aditi and Avi are happy to know that Naina and Bunny are together, and they all are having a great phone call together. They all wish each other Happy New Year and the film ends with Bunny and Naina embrac