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ddhi gradually discovers that Vin has been innocent all along. Meanwhile, Vin's cousin Rajbeer and his wife Prachi (who is also Siddhi's sister) make several plans to kill Vin as does Vin's other brother Manbeer's wife, Gauri. Discovering his innocence, Riddhi saves Vin risking her own life and realises she has fallen in love. She also finds out that while Shankar had paid goons to kidnap Siddhi, someone else had set her on fire and attacked Vin. Vin's family's priest, Guru ji, warns them that his life is in danger and can be saved only if he is married to a woman who will protect him at all costs. Vin's mother Manjari convinces him to agree and his wedding is fixed to a woman named Vaibhavi. However, Riddhi exposes Vaibhavi and her mother Kanta to be frauds. Vin meets with an accident and to save him Riddhi marries him while he is unconscious with only Shankar, Manjari, Manbeer and Guru ji knowing about the weddi ng. Manjari is revealed to have been behind all the attacks on Vin and shown to be doing it to control the Kundra property. Vin falls in love with Riddhi not knowing she is Siddhi and is already married to him. Shivam Sen comes to Kundra Mansion and convinces everyone that Siddhi is his wife Riddhi and mother of Juhi. Manjari supports Shivam. Vin finally finds out Riddhi is in fact his wife and is Siddhi. He tries to get her back but Siddhi is attacked. Manjari kidnaps Juhi and makes it look like Shivam is responsible. Vin comes to save Manjari and Juhi, but Manjari shoots Shivam and kills him. When police arrive, Vin takes the blame and goes to jail. Siddhi figures out Manjari is the murderer and is trying to kill her. Manjari sends a man named Kabir to kill Vin while he is in jail but Vin is able to escape. Siddhi eventually proves Vin's innocence in court and brings him home. While everyone in the Kundra family celebrate Vin's return, a man named Rudra enters the Kundra M ansion stating he is the long lost son of Shankar and Manjari. It is finally revealed that Shankar gave up Rudra after he was born to protect Vin as per a prophecy and that Manjari had been acting against Vin all along because Vin is her stepson while Rudra is her biological son. Rudra falls for Siddhi but marries a woman named Urvashi. At a festival, Siddhi saves Vin from being shot at by Rudra. However, someone shoots Rudra and he dies. Vin misunderstands Siddhi and marries a pregnant Urvas